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BOLT Lockers for your business/Residential complex integrated with advanced Apps. BOLT Lockers would provide the ultimate convenience when it comes to getting things Stored, delivered, exchanged and sent! Choose from a number of lockers colours and sizes.

Who could be our potential partners?

Housing Society/Offices/R&D Centres


  1. Secure mode of receiving hard copy of the mails/letters
  2. Online purchase can be directly delivered in the Bolt lockers located in the complex
  3. Restrict the movement of Strangers/equipment in the complex.
  4. No need to maintain separate registry as visitor information is tracked in the Bolt Lockers.
  5. Avoid data & identity theft by restricting the movement of gadgets inside the complex.

BOLT Lockers can be ideal for any of the business given below in Revenue sharing model. These lockers can help the users of the facility to store their belongings safely & Secured.

Revenue share is suitable for venues such as:

  1. Amusement Parks
  2. Water Parks
  3. Airports
  4. Casinos
  5. Convention Centres/Fair Grounds
  6. Bus Stations/Railway stations
  7. Gym/Sports centre
  8. Malls
  9. Temples/other Religious places
  10. Shopping Centres
  11. Beach Resorts
  12. Zoos

Benefits of Revenue Share:

  1. No capital expenditure
  2. No maintenance or service responsibilities
  3. Transparent billing & revenue model
  4. Customer satisfaction

We also would like to partner with Delivery & Logistics, Laundry service portals, and provide a best suitable business model. BOLT lockers are customizable to suit the business environment, it can be connected to cloud and then to the network to unitize the business process.