How Bolt Works


India's First IOT Lockers


BOLT Lockers are built on Internet of Things (IOT). BOLT Lockers are equipped with advanced electro-mechanical locks which can be opened only by entering the passcode. As you gently close the door you would receive an instant SMS on your phone confirming the door is securely BOLTED. You could feel the easiness of storing your things in the box without worrying about anything.


The BOLT Lockers is built on the advanced mobile technology to be connected to the Cloud through internet. Its operations can be monitored from remote locations. Data transfer from the BOLT Lockers to the Cloud can be through wired broadband or the 3G network. It has the flexibility to be set up in remote locations through 3G internet.

Elegant & Strong

BOLT Lockers is designed using the latest CAD software and have been through various FEA analysis for its load bearing capacity. BOLT Lockers are built on mild steel and colour coated to give elegant look & finish. It is perfectly designed to suit any commercial or public places.

Our Story

Our Story

An idea of digital lockers was conceived during a sales call at customer location. As per rules of the organization any electronic items like Mobiles/Laptop to be submitted at the security. This is done by the companies to protect their employees/ information from any unwarranted misuse. But providing a locker to each and every visitor with lock and key and managing is a herculean task. It was a tipping point that we need a dedicated drop box which can store our belongings safe & Secure.

A simple and cost effective solution was need of an hour for everyone let it be at School or Offices or at our apartments. In this fast world and online buy, we need instant delivery without any delay and also without affecting our work. So we need a dedicated drop box, which would notify us on the receipt of the parcel.

A single product but multiple usages were conceived as an Idea and it took 14 months to make an indigenous smart IOT Locker. It is called BOLT Lockers. We named it BOLT because we wanted it to be FAST in service and consistent in delivery like USAIN BOLT.